New York Strip Steak


Trader Joe’s now has steak. Well, technically they’ve always had steak. But this is new steak. Individually wrapped, at a lower price point. But the quality is still great. This NY Strip was beautifully marbled with so much flavor it could’ve come right from the butcher counter. Cook in a cast iron skillet on high heat until you’ve activated your smoke alarm three times - that’s when you know it’s medium-rare. Or until you’ve reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and let rest for 5 minutes. You know what goes great with steak? The same thing that goes great with everything, Pinky. Butter. This compound butter was made by combining parsley, lemon juice, and one minced glove of garlic. Butter goes on top of the steak. Steak goes on the plate and into your mouth. You experience a new level of culinary delight as you marvel at your ability to turn animal muscle tissue and fat into a religious experience. And that’s just the New York Strip - imagine what a zealous fervor a ribeye would ignite.

By: mattscaz