Lemon Kitchen Hand Soap


This lemon kitchen hand soap is terrrrible. It totally dries out my hands and makes them cracked and scratchy. They need to take a page out of Palmolive' book and be "soft on hands!"

By: original rater

I found the soap to be not so great. I liked the lemon smell, but did not like the way it left my hands feeling afterwards. Won’t buy it again.

By: sp_311

I found this to be quite acceptable as a hand soap. I use it in the kitchen and in the guest bathroom. I did not find it to be drying.

By: Nancy Phillips

I actually really like this soap. I do not find it drying at all. Love the lemon fresh scent. It is a constant in my kitchen

By: The Mammy

I have not had any problems with this soap, but usually buy some of the other scents.

By: Purrauto

Found no issues with the soap quality, but I wish the lemon scent were stronger. It's also on the pricier side for hand soap.

By: Mari

I love this hand soap but my favorite scent is lavender although I do love the lemon and grapefruit as well. It cleans very well, rinsed easy and is not irritating or harsh. If the lemon dries you hands a bit the lavender may be more soothing! By: Charla D.

By: cd.garrett46@gmail.com

I love this hand soap and scent. Will buy again for sure!

By: saltydog

I love this soap! It smells great and doesn’t dry my hands at all.

By: moodykat23