Vanilla Pumpkin Scented Candle


This seasonal candle is a great addition to the pumpkin bonanza that happens in the fall at Trader Joe’s. It’s got a nice spiced pumpkin scent that makes your home smell like autumn.

By: a_rater

Love these fall candles!! Smells so delicious!

By: emmabemo

Very nice scent; subtle but fills a room well. It has more of a vanilla smell than pumpkin, but still is a great fall candle. It burns pretty slowly so I expect it to last a while.

By: brookieb

These autumnal candles have a delicious smell and actually smell strong enough to enjoy in my apartment. The spring scents did not permeate the area.

By: Purrauto

great small! always love their candles!! perfect for fall!

By: mtelizabe