Honeycrisp Apple Scented Candle


Our trader Joe's finally got these!! Love it!!

By: emmabemo

Smells like an apple. No spices to cover it up, just a freshly cut, sweet apple. The scent is strong too, and lasts even after you blow it out.

By: bkimberlyb

It’s ok. The smell is that of a synthetic apple smell, to me it’s similar to apple candy. But for the price it’s a nice candle.

By: brookieb

This candle smells amazing! Love it!

By: mandoo

My favorite candle. Thanks to the previous review, I bought six already!

By: Purrauto

Did not finish burning. Artificial smell that gave me a headache. Whatever oils they used I did not react well too.

By: knk

Really love this scent fresh apple who could want anything more

By: sparrow

The most amazing smell! I’m so sad I only grabbed one when they were in stock

By: saraheleanor