I love that you can get super cute cards for $0.99 and they are way nicer than the expensive ones at drugstores and supermarkets!

By: emmabemo

Great variety of greeting cards for all occasions. Smaller than the gift card section in your local pharmacy, but perhaps more convenient?

By: original rater

Good quality. Nice art. Short and sweet. Only.99! Something for every occasion or plenty of blank ones to choose.

By: bkimberlyb

I buy between 4-10 cards every time I go to TJ’s. They have the cutest designs, short and simple sayings, nothing trying to be too clever or sappy, and they are priced perfectly. I like the gloss finish cards, but love the textured matte paper ones the most.

By: ijustlovepineapple

I love the cards. These are unique and a bargain.

By: Purrauto

I love TJ cards for any holiday or even the blank ones for a quick note, they are the best!!!

By: saltydog