Pollo Asada Autentico


Great flavored marinade. But the chicken is chewy when cooked. It had an almost rubbery texture to it. And yes, I know how to cook chicken. If only you could buy the marinade separately and use the fresh chicken. I’m on the fence for this one about trying it again. Maybe it was a bad batch of chicken, or maybe it’s just always got a weird texture.

By: a_rater

I really like this marinade. It makes it really easy to cook an almost–pre-made dinner when you come home late from work. The chicken doesn't seem like it's the highest quality; it's not organic, free range, or anything fancy. But it does taste great and make life easier!

By: original rater

Like this product very much. Relatively low fat and calories. Very flavorful. Great to use with also some guacamole, tortillas and rice. Or have it alone. Delicious!

By: Judy

This is great for a quick meal that still has good flavor. I often like to cook this with fajita veggies. The chicken is sliced thin so it cooks quickly which is convenient but I also think causes it to lose that plump juicy chicken quality.

By: brookieb

Great and super quick. Less than ten minutes on the grill, buy some pico de Gallo and make easy tacos

By: lindah