Insulated Reusable Bag


Perfect! Insulated to get groceries home on 100degree days. A great zipper that zips all around the bag. A flat bottom. I keep this in my car and use it almost daily

By: lenoreac

We use this bag weekly. We have had to purchase new ones periodically because the zippers do not last.

By: Purrauto

5 years and going strong with weekly use!

By: Paxxmo

Great for obvious reasons AND more. I keep a couple in my trunk with my other bags. They make a wonderful impromptu cooler; just add a bag of ice and drinks and you’re good to go

By: jasminhill

Wish I’d known about this before I ordered from Amazon…I’m new in town and needed a carrier to carry my cold foods from Trader Joe’s!!

By: KathyDuhe