Coconut Shrimp


Yum yum yum! Perfect as an appetizer or a whole meal! I dip them in the sweet chili sauce!

By: emmabemo

Perfect as an appetizer for family gatherings!!

By: Jessica Taylor

I am vegetarian, but my husband is not. This is one of his favorites.

By: Purrauto

Super good! But don’t forget sauce! Sweet chili sauce to be exact. Because i forgot the sauce i was very sad eating it alone haha

By: lanamama

Two of m favorite things coconut and shrimp

By: wendi mae

So good! I love the way it makes my house smell- the coconut- yum! Great with sweet chili sauce.

By: alliewally

These guys are yummy,easy, and quick. We use an air fryer and they come out great!!

By: Pat

always keep these in my freezer

By: lexyloo

Love them. Crunchy. Great dipping sauce. Lost a star because it uses styrofoam to seat the shrimp. There must be something else that could be used

By: nanarocks

This is super delish in a corn tortilla with the red and green shredded cabbage mixed with green goddess or cilantro dressing, red onions and a squeeze of lime!

By: trekgirl76

Love these! Amazing taste and easy

By: farragr

Absolutely fabulous!! I have baked and pan fried in a little butter. Wonderful.

By: Wawa0514

Delicious! Love with sweet chili sauce! Great in air fryer or oven.

By: saltydog

My daughter was not a fan of those, found them too doughy.

By: ptoodles

Easy meal prep. Good and tasty

By: JShe