Chicken Breast Meat (Frozen; Bonelsss Skinless)


Convenient. Not many in the bag, but it'll do for a meal or two. Tastes like less salt used in processing over the major frozen brands. Easy to cook from frozen.

By: bkimberlyb

Great for dinner emergencies to always have on hand, cheap price, but never turns out moist and tender like chicken breasts cooked from fresh.

By: lpashion

Every time I have purchased these, the pieces are freezer burned. I guess if you need to have protein on hand at all times then this will do.

By: sarah r

I’ve bought this package a couple times. There are many pieces that come out tough & chewy after cooking many different ways. I have ended up throwing out at least 1 out of 4-5 tenderloins every time I’ve made meals. Their Breaded Tenderloins much better tasting as well as more tender!

By: Scarr