Soy Chorizo



By: jam0cam

Not overly spicy (to my liking). Cooked up quickly and with a perfect consistency. Delicious add to bowls and eggs. One package worked well with 14 eggs. Excellent price.

By: bkimberlyb

For a soy product this has a lot of flavor so it hides in food well. I like to cook this with scrambled eggs for a more flavorful breakfast.

By: brookieb

Did not like this, but I think I may be the only one. Saw great reviews and because I do not eat pork anymore I really wanted to love this and be able to make chorizo dishes again, but blah the way it looked and the texture distracted me too much from the barely decent taste.

By: lpashion

Tons of flavor, and the texture is great. I used it for chorizo and potato tacos.

By: Jen

The soy chorizo is bomb! I like to keep one in the freezer. I’ll make a pot of beans and mix the soy chorizo to create a really lovely pot of refried beans. good strong flavor not too spicy not too greasy

By: sparrow

This product straight up tastes like delish chorizo. 10/10. No one in my family can tell that it is not meat. I use it mostly in tofu scrambles for breakfast or to top a rice bowl but it can be subbed into a pasta sauce or chili in a pinch. Really, really great, easily one of my favorite products and so cheap at only $2.29 in my area!

By: rbw7683

Loved this! Wonderful substitute for pork

By: kayladelrae