Turkey Burgers


These are better than the chicken burgers but not the best things ever. They cook up nicely but are never tender enough for my liking. They come four in a pack and you can eat them one at a time since they are frozen.

By: a_rater

These are my faves out of all their frozen burger options! Tonight we made them with some guac and grilled onions and they were fantastic!

By: emmabemo

Awesome taste! I add a little garlic powder and pepper for more flavoring. Good for meal prep if you cook all 4 at the same time.

By: HN13

Some of my favorite turkey patties. Really like them and easy to cook.

By: jay_c

Love these! They cook quick for an easy protein addition to last minute meals. We eat them with rice and veggies as a quick, filling dinner.

By: mtaylor

These are good. I like making them with garlic aoli and roasted peppers. And they cook from frozen so it’s a great meal to cook last minute.

By: brookieb

One of the best burger products anywhere. And easy to prepare. Frozen burger cooks up in no time. So tasty just as made.

By: ptowner2

A little smaller than I expected but turn out very good. So easy to cook too for a last minute meal!

By: kait_roep

There’s zero flavor in these patties. They’re easy/freezer style patties. But you really need to add a good bit of seasoning!

By: allistinchcomb

pretty decent

By: lexyloo

My daughter loves these.

By: aaamaricle

The best frozen turkey burger I’ve ever had!

By: carrielenoir

These are a super easy, quick meal. I add 21 spice salute and smoked paprika to the patty prior to cooking. Add cheese and your fav burger toppings and you are good to go!

By: rvagal

Easy to cool, and I like that I can cook just one at a time since they are frozen. However, you do have to add some seasoning while cooking because without they are fairly bland.

By: mgreen

These are so yummy! And you can meal prep them too! I like to cook them in my cast iron and prep them for the week.

By: kat.sue