Curried White Chicken Deli Salad


Contains raisins and nuts. This chicken salad packs a little punch. Sweet and spicy with a small crunch from carrots and cashews. It's good plain (pick up a to-go fork while you're at TJs), on bread or crackers, or in a pita. I've even been pleasantly surprised with it in a tea sandwich.

By: bkimberlyb

This is a very interesting mix of flavors. There are raisins which balances the curry flavor well. Because of the mayo it is a bit high in calories so I like to eat it plain, not on a sandwich.

By: brookieb

One of the few prepared salads I enjoy from Trader Joe’s. Good curry flavor. Large chunks of chicken. Decent amount of raisins. I like to eat it with crackers

By: sparrow

I really like this and buy it often, but for some reason, I want it to be a tiny bit sweeter. But it’s still delicious.

By: cartwheel8

My favorite TJ’s deli salad - great combo of flavors.

By: deepuman