Party Size Mini Meatballs


These are an excellent choice when considering an easy weeknight meal. Pair it up with some bbq sauce and some potatoes and it’s great. Or, use it in a soup with some greens. They are very versatile and easy to cook. Flavor is a 4 hearts but convenience and price bump it up for me.

By: a_rater

Just what you'd expect. Slightly smaller than regular frozen meatballs so they are very poppable. Good flavor and texture. The bag contains a perfect amount for an appetizer or even a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Better pick up a jar of your favorite BBQ or marinara sauce while you're at TJs!

By: bkimberlyb

love these!! easy for lunches and with the mango chutney sauce ahh so good!!

By: mtelizabe

Love these in crockpot with sweet chili sauce and a bit of Dijon mustard. Super easy and tasty for a party.

By: saltydog

The best!

By: rwndy