Mandarin Orange Chicken


So good! Wish I bought more.

By: bestbets

I wanted to love it from so many high ratings from fans but I didn’t. It’s so few and far between I find a TJ item I wouldn’t buy again but this is one. I did like the flavor of the sauce packets that came with.

By: saltydog

Always a must have (if in stock) while on my weekly shopping trip. Crunchy and delicious. Baked or fried it’s simply amazing.

By: vikster

One of my favorite TJ products. I always get it if it’s available. It makes a quick yet delicious dinner.

By: debn15

Love this baked with brown rice and steamed broccoli, green beans or asparagus. We only use one sauce packet.

By: hollie2245

easy weeknight dinner that even my picky eater enjoyed! will definitely purchase again!

By: hfavara

very good

By: cyndee moriarty

I will admit these are good, however we only use 1 packet of sauce because 2 makes them way to sweet. I make these in the air fryer and the chicken comes out nice and crunchy and then I toss the chicken in the sauce and it’s perfect. I do agree it’s a hit or miss to find, so if you do, grab a few bags to stick up like we do to always have in hand.

By: sassi805