Smoked, Apple Chardonnay


A very non-Italian sausage, as you'd expect. It was sweet so went well with a lighter meal. Seems to be missing a spice. We grilled it and it seemed almost rubbery. This product is "fully cooked" so it shouldn't take much. I had to slice it, then cook it again, overcook it really, to get a more meaty consistency.

By: bkimberlyb

This mild mannered meat stuffer must of been possessed by the pork gods themselves. I enjoy a good sausage but this rivals such sausage places like top dog in Berkeley without the political bias. For all instances sir, I really enjoyed your sausage, good show!

By: juchavez

Our favorite flavor of the chicken sausages! Easy to cook and great as an added protein to your meal.

By: HN13

Great tasty chicken sausage

By: jenngoodiejam

great choice for the nonbeef eater in our family!

By: hfavara