About us

It was 2013, and Adam and Emma were wheeling down the aisles of Trader Joe’s doing their weekly grocery shopping. At the top of their list was Kung Pao Chicken, a frozen meal they’d recently tried and loved. But when they noticed the Beef and Broccoli sitting next to it, they decided to try that instead. They brought it home, cooked it… and promptly threw it in the trash. It was awful! Said Emma to Adam, “I wish there was a Yelp for Trader Joe’s products.” Adam thought it was a brilliant idea. Meanwhile, down the street, Rachel – Emma’s cousin – had recently purchased Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran. With the first bite, she discovered it was as tasteless and fibrous as cardboard. “Why isn’t there a way to determine which Trader Joe's cereals are good before you buy them?” she thought, tossing out the box.

That was how the conversation started. The three cousins, who regularly gathered to eat, pick fruit from Emma and Adam’s garden, and play Settlers of Catan, all agreed that Trader Joe’s was the best grocery store out there, selling great products for amazing prices. But they also agreed that certain products really missed the mark. They brainstormed ways to build a helpful rating system for Trader Joe's products, and, with the help of Adam’s brilliant coding abilities, poof! Trader Raters was born. Over the years, the cousins pushed the project forward little by little, building a website and eventually an app.

Now, five years later, we finally have something to show for that idea born in our collective kitchens. We’re so glad you’re here! Let’s help each other buy the best foods, craft the perfect shopping lists, and get the most out of our favorite neighborhood grocery store.

- Adam, Emma, and Rachel